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Tammi got her lifelong wish earlier today when we drove in the F150, horse trailer in tow, to a farm in Leesport, PA, Berks County. There we acquired Henry, a Tennessee Walker and Lakota, a painted standard breed. The two fellows were reluctant to go on the cart — but eventually were coaxed to do so.  After loading up two trucks with saddles, supplies, and tack (sister Alice helped), we made the ninety minute trek back to the verdant Cumberland Valley.

Our first discovery upon opening the trailer gate was a large pile of scat — presents from long ride.  I was immediately reminded that removal of said scat was to be Tammi’s daily chore from here on out. These are HER horses after all!  I was proud to have backed the trailer in straight!  Anyway, I did help walk Henry off the trailer and into the paddock, where Alice took over, helping him get accustomed to his new home.

Tammi, meanwhile, struggled a bit with Lakota, the younger and more ornery of the two.  But, once he saw Henry, he calmed down, and two equine friends chomped on the green grass of their new home, settling in.

There is a lot of work ahead, and hopefully some great rides.  We’ll keep you posted.

Henry, enjoying some of that green grass of home.

Lakota with Tammi, getting used to the new surroundings.

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