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accidental bountyA few months ago, Tammi announced the rapid growth of some vines along the old stone wall where we had smashed our pumpkins and gourds last Fall.

“Must be pumpkin vines!” I declared.

The ever-creeping vines eventually took over most of the patch near the wall, encroaching on our young fruit trees.  I was worried they might engulf the saplings, looking like something out of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.  They were greatly helped by the large amount of sheep manure removed from the sheep stall and dumped on the patch after the smashing.  For weeks, we proudly watched the little green orbs grow and then gradually turn to orange.  When the vines started to die this week, we decided it was time to harvest!

Also found in the patch were a small number of gourds.

Meanwhile, Tammi also tended to the grape arbor and pulled off a bucket full of ripe beauties.  They are very sweet.  The summer has been somewhat cool and there has been plenty of rain!

We’ll keep you posted on the pumpkins — most likely to be decorated by the kids and placed about the wrap-around porch.



grape bucket









pumpkin bounty

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